As The Mac Turns 20, Steve Jobs Offers Some Words

Appleis in a wonderful place right now, CEO Steve Jobs told Macworld in a brief interview commemorating the Macis 20th anniversary. Just as the original Mac reinvented the personal computer industry, Mr. Jobs feels that Apple is once again setting the pace for the industry. From Macworld:

Weire innovating in a lot of areas. [...] Weive got the best portables out there. And we have the iPod and the iTunes Music Store. And we have our iLife applications. We declared that we thought the next big thing for the personal computer was the digital hub three years ago, right?

He also believes adamantly that computers and televisions will never merge to the extent that some PC makers feel they will, and accordingly Apple has no plans to release a "Media Center" Mac. Mr. Jobs likens Apple to the BMW or Porsche of the computing industry, two companies that command a relatively market share of the automotive segment but exert incredible influence on the industry. From the article:

Perhaps more importantly, Mr. Jobs concludes:

I think weire having fun. I think our customers really like our products. And weire always trying to do better. But I think weire leading the industry and weire having a good time.

You can find much more in the full article, which we recommend as a very good read. Note that it also includes a reprinting of an essay that Mr. Jobs wrote for Macworldis first issue, which we also enjoyed.