Asante Gears To Wire Muli-Tenant Networks

Asante has announced that their IntraCore 6524 switch has been certified as interoperable with the Nomadix Universal Subscriber Gateway. The Nomadix Universal Subscriber Gateway is important for multi-tenant networks, an area that Asante as recently targeted. According to Asante:

Asante Technologies today announced that their IntraCore 6524 switch has been tested and certified as interoperable with the Nomadix Universal Subscriber Gateway.

The Nomadix certification of the IntraCore 6524 ensures that when service providers install multi-tenant networks using the Asant? IntraCore 6524 and the Nomadix Universal Subscriber Gateway, the devices will work seamlessly together to provide managed, broadband Internet access. These renowned products are changing the face of switched Ethernet infrastructure for multi-tenant networks by formulating the fastest, most economical, most easily managed networks for the Commercial, Residential, and Hospitality markets--as well as other Visitor-Based Networks (VBNs).

The IntraCore 6524 offers the unique combination of features and price that make it the preferred switch for Ethernet-based multi-tenant networks. The IC 6524 delivers wired-speed switched 10/100 to connect tenants to the network and supports moving data/voice/video over Ethernet/IP at the highest speeds available.

Features include:

  • Tenant-to-tenant security--so that tenants cannot iseei each otheris computers on the network.

  • Port-level security: the ability to specify which Ethernet address is authorized to connect to each port. Ethernet and IP address tracking for each tenant attached to easily locate the physical port of an attached tenant device by Ethernet or IP address. This also includes the ability to send an SNMP trap if a duplicate IP address is encountered.

  • Usage tracking per port--so providers can provide usage-based billing.

  • Standard-based IGMP multicasting--allowing the distribution of multicast video over Ethernet/IP using open standards-based protocols.

  • Support for the Industry-Standard GBIC Gigabit Ethernet modular interface. This allows the service provider to use multiple manufacturersi Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure equipment and share the same industry standard GBIC Gigabit Ethernet modules across the different equipment--simplifying the network and sparing the components.

The IC 6524 has an estimated street price of $1499 with one 1000BaseSX port. Asant? also offers other IntraCore Gigabit Ethernet switches to aggregate IC 6524 switches for large multi-tenant networks.

The Nomadix Universal Subscriber Gateway (USG) platform is a stand-alone, turnkey edge infrastructure provisioning and service-brokering solution for service providers; the platform provides all of the network operations typically found in a service provideriis point-of-presence (POP). The USG is deployed at the network edge to handle subscriber connectivity, authentication, bandwidth shaping and service placement for a broadband-enabled environment.

The Universal Subscriber Gateway platform delivers broadband connectivity with no configuration changes or client-side software. Subscribers can now create Internet accounts in a real-time fashion, and then dynamically select speeds to accommodate their bandwidth and service level requirements. Service providers can now provide differentiated services and applications chosen by the customer, generating revenue beyond the connection fee.

You can find more information about their full line of products at the Asante Web site.