Asante Inks Deal With Apple, FriendlyNET Products Now At Apple Store

Asante has announced that their line of FriendlyNET products, including high-speed routers and switches, are now available from the Apple Store online. Asanteis products, including the 5-port 10/100 ethernet switch and the 4-port 10/100 DSL/Cable router allow Mac users to easily design and implement home or small business networks. According to Asante:

sante Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce that the award-winning FriendlyNET products are now available online at the Apple Store. Asanteis products were especially chosen because they meet Appleis stringent design, quality and aesthetic standards. In addition, FriendlyNET products provide exceptional value for Apple customers.

For the first time, Macintosh users visiting the Apple website can purchase the FriendlyNET FS5005 5-port 10/100 switch, and also the FriendlyNET FR3004 Cable/DSL router with a 4-port 10/100 switch, direct from the Apple Store.

"Asante is expanding its sales channel to make it easier for our Macintosh customers to purchase Asante FriendlyNET networking products," adds Rusty Callahan, Asante Vice President of Sales. "As the only networking products represented in the Apple Store, we are pleased to be recognized as Appleis choice for its customers."

Last week at Macworld Expo San Francisco, Asanteis reputation as the premier Macintosh partner was clearly evident, as users consistently packed Asanteis booth to learn about the companyis latest products and new Gigabit and Ethernet products such as the high speed FriendlyNET Internet Accelerator, and the GigaNIX 1000TA -- the first third-generation Gigabit Ethernet adapter. These products and others being released by Asante in the coming months are certain to garner widespread acclaim by users and partners alike.

Asante FriendlyStack Design
Each of the Asante FriendlyNET products chosen by Apple, showcase Asanteis advanced engineering and exceptional attention to detail: stackability, to minimize desktop space; security hooks and mounting holes, to prevent unauthorized removal in public areas (such as schools and libraries); and a beautiful translucent graphite color scheme to compliment Apple PowerMac G4s, Powerbooks and iMacs.

You can find more information about their line of switches and routers at the Asante Web site.