Asante Offers A Cheaper Gigabit Switch And Adapter Bundle

Asante Technologies has announced they are bundling the GigaNIX 1000TA adapter card with their FriendlyNET GX4 Gigabit Ethernet switches. For the first time, an all-Gigabit Ethernet switch and adapter will be priced under US$1200. According to Asante:

"We are offering the first complete Gigabit solution at an unbeatable price," said Rusty Callahan, Vice President of Sales at Asante. "With the GX4-400TA and GX4-224TA bundles, entire businesses will find that Gigabit Ethernet is now an affordable option for every desktop."

The GigaNIX adapter is the synthesis of leading edge innovations including 0.18 micron process technologies, advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and streamlined software design. As a result the GigaNIX adapter is literally a generation ahead of all other Gigabit Ethernet adapters, with renowned features such as AsanteQTM - an active link quality monitor with automatic gain control to ensure data travels the longest distances with maximum signal quality and data integrity.

Compared with traditional 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet hubs and switches, the FriendlyNET GX4 switches deliver over ten times the available bandwidth per port. When connecting two high-performance workstations, the FriendlyNET GX4 can transmit at 1000 Mbps and receive at 1000 Mbps simultaneously. In addition, the FriendlyNET GX4 switches are compatible with existing copper Ethernet wiring (Category 5 UTP).

FriendlyNET GX4-400TA bundle includes:

  • GX4-400, 4 port 1000/100BaseT switch
  • Ftrr GigaNIX 1000TA adapter for Mac OS/Windows/Linux

FriendlyNET GX4-224TA bundle includes:

  • GX4-224, 2 port 1000BaseT, and 24 port 10/100BaseT switch
  • Free GigaNIX 1000TA adapter for Mac OS/Windows/Linux

The FriendlyNET GX4-400TA bundle is available for US$1149 and the FriendlyNET GX4-224TA bundle for US$1499. You can find more information about them at Asanteis Web site.