Asante Released Next Generation Of Gigabit Ethernet Adapters

Asante has announced the availability of the 3rd generation of their Gigabit Ethernet Adapters, the GigaNIX 10/100/1000BaseT Adapters. The GigaNIX cards are compatible with the Mac OS, Linux, and Windows, and offer users unparalleled performance. According to Asante:

AsantZ Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASNT.OB) today announced that as expected, the company is now shipping GigaNIX, its new Gigabit Ethernet adapters for Apple Mac OS, Windows and Linux systems.AsantZ is leading the way with a family of 3rd generation Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Asant? carries the most complete line of 10/10/1000BaseT Gigabit network adapters for all popular systems, with 32/64-bit, 32/66 MHz PCI bus. ASANTE GIGANIX SURPASSES FAST ETHERNET
The AsantZ? FriendlyNET GigaNIX 1000TA adapters provide exceptional performance in Apple Mac OS 9 environments. Based upon testing by AsantZ Labs, the GigaNIX 1000TA even outperforms the Gigabit Ethernet port integrated into the latest Apple PowerMac G4 systems. Simulated "real world" tests also show substantial performance improvements for the GigaNIX adapter.

Compared with Appleis integrated Gigabit Ethernet port, the AsantZ GigaNIX was an average of 16% faster; the GigaNIX was as much as 18% faster in Apple Thru Put tests.

Compared with the industry-standard AsantZFAST 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet adapter, the AsantZ GigaNIX was an average of 204% faster and as much as 248% faster.

"With the Apple PowerMac G4is Gigabit Ethernet controller integrated into the system chipset, it is easily the standard bearer for Gigabit Ethernet performance for high performance workstations and server," says Kevin Li, Software Manager at Asant?. "Running Appleis Thru Put utility, the PowerMac G4 delivers a maximum of 33.3 MBytes/second--an impressive 3X performance over AsantZis popular AsanteFast 10/100 PCI adapter (11.3 MBytes/second) in Asant? Lab tests. The new Asant? GigaNIX 1000TA with Asant? performance-tuned algorithms and drivers delivered even better performance than Appleis G4: a whopping 39.3 MBytes/second!"

As the leader in Macintosh network connectivity, Asant? is now making its Mac OS X beta drivers available for qualified technical evaluators. Download these drivers from

The GigaNIX 10/100/1000BaseT Adapters is available for US$149. You can find more information at the Asante web site.