Asante Releases OS X Drivers For Gigabit Networking Products

Asante has announced that they have released OS X drivers for their popular line of FriendlyNET ethernet switches and adapters. This announcement means that users of Asanteis products will be able to more easily make the OS X switch. According to Asante:

Asante Technologies today announced product and technical support for Mac OS X in support of Apple Computeris new Mac operating system launch. Asante, the leading vendor of networking equipment and peripherals for Apple Macintosh computers, is the first to support Mac OS X on its FriendlyNET GigaNIX PCI 1000TA and Asant?Fast 10/100 PCI adapters.


"Weive dedicated a lot of testing time to make sure our drivers function well with Mac OS X," said Judy McKay, Asant?is Mac OS Technical Manager. "Weire pleased to offer driver support to the new Mac operating system so our customers will be ready when Apple ships Mac OS X on March 24."

Free upgrades are now available at the Asante websiteis support page:

You can find more information about all of Asanteis products at their Web site.