Asante Taking The Lead In Multi-Tenant Networks

With the number of Multi-Tenant Networks growing at a rapid pace, providing secure and compatible network environments is becoming increasingly more important. Asante has announced that their IntraCore 6524 has been tested as fully compatible with SolutionIncis SolutionIP Server Software, providing feature rich and secure Multi-Tenant environments. According to Asante:

Asante Technologies and SolutionInc Limited today announced that the Asante IntraCore 6524 switch has been tested and certified as interoperable with the SolutionIP suite of server software products.

This certification means that when service providers install multi-tenant networks using the Asante IntraCore 6524 and SolutionIP server software, the devices work together seamlessly to provide managed, broadband Internet access. These two combined products facilitate the most advanced multi-tenant networks available, enabling end-users to self-provision a range of network services--from plug-and-play Internet access to premium services with routable IP addresses, network resources, and flexible billing options--all with simple point-and-click commands. At the same time, service providers have access to a set of tools for network configuration, subscriber management, data collection, bandwidth shaping, billing, and service upgrading.

According to Clint Bogard, Director of IntraCore sales at Asante, both companies are well positioned to take the lead in the emerging multi-tenant unit (MTU) network market.

The IntraCore 6524 offers the unique combination of features and price that make it the preferred switch for Ethernet-based multi-tenant networks. The IntraCore 6524 delivers wired-speed switched 10/100 to connect tenants to the network and supports moving data/voice/video over Ethernet/IP at the highest speeds available. Features include:

  • Tenant-to-tenant security--so that tenants cannot iseei each otheris computers on the network.
  • Port-level security: the ability to specify which Ethernet address is authorized to connect to each port. Ethernet and IP address tracking for each tenant make it easy to locate the physical port of an attached tenant device. This also includes the ability to send an SNMP trap if a duplicate IP address is encountered.
  • Usage tracking per port--so providers can give usage-based billing.
  • Standard-based IGMP multicasting--allowing the distribution of multicast video over Ethernet/IP using open standards-based protocols. Support for the industry-standard GBIC Gigabit Ethernet modular interface allows the service provider to use multiple manufacturersi Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure equipment and share the same industry-standard GBIC Gigabit Ethernet modules across the different equipment--simplifying the network and sparing the components.

You can find more information about the IntraCore 6524 at the Asante Web site.