Asante Tech Now Shipping 48 Port Ethernet Switches

Asante Technologies is now shipping the IntraCore 3548-2GT. The IntraCore 3548-2GT is a 48 port switch designed for deployment in Ethernet environments. The 3548-2GT ships with 2 integrated Gigabit Ethernet uplinks for broadband support and media flexibility. According to Asante Technologies:

Asanté Technologies, Inc. today announced a 48-port 10/100 enterprise switch with 2 integrated Gigabit Ethernet uplinks. The combination of the switchis media flexibility and 1 rack unit form factor make the IntraCore 3548 an excellent solution for the edge of the enterprise.

IntraCore 3548-2GT users start with a base configuration of a 48-port 10/100 switch. They then choose from 2 different auto-selecting dual Gigabit Ethernet uplinks with copper (fixed) or GBIC for fiber (optional GBIC transceiver). Multimedia services (such as voice, video, audio, and telephony) can be deployed through the network with multi-service technologies: IP multicast with IGMP and 64 VLANs.

These switches support the highest level of priority queues -- 4 on each 10/100 port and 8 on Gigabit ports. This advanced QoS software option is ideal for sophisticated Ethernet environments, including education, broadband-over-Ethernet, corporate e-business, and healthcarenetworks.

You can find more information about the IntraCore 3548-2GT release at the Asante Technologies Web site. The IntraCore 3548-2GT is available for US$1,773.00.