Asante Tech Now Shipping Cable/DSL Router

Asante Technologies is shipping a new cable/DSL router. The FriendlyNET FR5000 Accelerated Cable/DSL router is designed for businesses needing high-speed internet connection sharing. The router supports connections up to 100 Mbps and can handle administration functions from any Web browser. According to Asante Technologies:

Asanté Technologies, Inc. today announced a breakthrough in cable/DSL routers for businesses. The FriendlyNET® FR5000 Accelerated Cable/DSL Router allows users to share any high-speed Internet connection at up to 100 Mbps--10 times faster than conventional SOHO routers, or approximately equal to two T3 lines. The FR5007 offers all the features of a NAS (Network Attached Storage) switch and router. Additionally, a dual Internet cache dramatically accelerates all subsequent accesses to the same websites


  • Quickly offloads network print jobs by spooling huge print tasks to a 30GB hard disk, larger than offered by any similar offering.
  • Enables users to back up their Windows or Mac computersi local hard disks easily&Mac247;with full security.
  • Eliminates the need for a separate server CPU
  • Lets people share frequently used files with integrated network attached storage (NAS) facilities. Minimal configuration is needed; the computer doesnit even have to shut down
  • Enables users to easily configure the router by choosing from the 8 most popular Internet connections (including DSL/PPP over Ethernet and cable modem)
  • Handles administrative functions from any web browser--locally or from a remote Internet connection. If trouble occurs, the router automatically sends e-mail to notify the system administrator or reseller.

You can find more information about the FriendlyNET FR5000 Accelerated Cable/DSL router at the Asante Technologies Web site. The router is available for US$1,249.00.