Asante's IntraCore 65120 Now Shipping

Asante has announced that their IntraCore 65120 Gigabit Ethernet switch is now shipping. The IntraCore 65120 provides a powerful and flexible networking solution for businesses and multi-tenant networks. Also, like all Asante products, it is Mac friendly. According to Asante:

Asante Technologies, Inc. today announced that the Asante IntraCore 65120 Gigabit Ethernet switches are now shipping. In addition, these products extend Asanteis practice of pricing aggressively to continue its market leadership position. "In the 30 days since we announced the IntraCore 65120 switches, we have experienced significant demand. The IC 65120 switches deliver advanced multi-service capabilities with a cost-per-port starting under $400," declared Rusty Callihan, Asanteis VP of Sales. "The IntraCore switches are demonstrably superior to other 12-port Gigabit switches priced at or more than 50% higher."

DRIVING AFFORDABLE GIGABIT ETHERNET: "These are the only ivaluei switches supporting the industry-standard GBIC interface for Gigabit Ethernet," continued Callihan. "The feedback weire hearing from customers is that they want the GBIC interface for modular Gigabit Ethernet ports on all of their switches and routers. The new IC 65120-12G 12-port all-GBIC switch offers network managers a very flexible switch for distributing switched Gigabit Ethernet over a variety of media. The IC 65120-12G is the least expensive solution on the market with 12 or more switched GBIC interfaces."

Depending on the existing network structure, each GBIC Gigabit Ethernet module interface can be configured with a 1000SX, 1000LX, or 1000TX GBIC interface. This non-proprietary architecture allows customers to mix-and-match many different network configurations, reducing acquisition costs.

According to the research firm IDC, the average per-port price for Gigabit Ethernet was $1,000 last year. And IDC projects the installed base for Gigabit Ethernet cards will jump from 800,000 this year to 11.3 million by 2004.

Network World states, "The key to the Asante [IntraCore 65120 switch] offering is the price, around $400 per Gigabit Ethernet port. Also, the Asante switch has a backplane of 38.4Gbps, which could help avoid congestion when traffic is high."

ADVANCED WORKGRUOP SWITCH FOR MULTI-SERVICE GIGABIT NETWORKS: The IntraCore 65120 switches deliver wired-speed switched 10/100/1000 Ethernet connectivity to a cluster of high-performance servers and workstations. The design incorporates support for real-time multimedia (voice, video, data) communications over industry-standard Ethernet networks. Advanced quality of service (QoS) features include voice over IP (VoIP), Windows 2000 QoS, IP multicast, and 802.1p packet priority classification.

"IntraCore 65120 switches allow me to grow my network affordably. I can add Gig ports as I need them. This gives me the lowest possible cost of ownership," commented Rob Chapple, Founder of Thinkstock, an online stock photography service co-located in North Carolina and Hawaii. "Thinkstock transmits huge Photoshop files across four times zones, so our networking equipment must be powerful, reliable, and affordable."

EASY DEPLOYMENT: Deploying the IntraCore 65120 switch is simple. The high-density, auto-sensing Ethernet ports and GBIC interfaces make the switch easy to install, with full compatibility to existing network infrastructures. With its built-in web- and character-based management, configuring these blazingly fast Ethernet switches has never been easier. From chassis management to port-level control and monitoring, customers are able to configure and manage whatever is needed by simply clicking on a mouse--via Telnet, console, or third-party SNMP applications.

You can find more information about all of Asanteis products at their Web site.