Askima Releases New Version Of DesktopCollage

Aksima has released a new version of DesktopCollage, bringing it to version 2.0. DesktopCollage is a utility designed for desktop image management. The latest release features support for movie images and the ability to ignore Expos?. According to Aksima:

Aksima has released version 2.0/2.0.1 of DesktopCollage, the application that allows the user to arrange multiple images, movies and animations for a collage desktop background under Mac OS X.

New in version 2.0:

  • Movie stickers (older versions of the program did only support image stickers)
  • All QuickTime compatible movies and animations can be added, even multi-page PDFs
  • DesktopCollage can be customized with preference settings that mute or pause movies while the program is in the background
  • DesktopCollage listens to Fast User Switching: The playback of movies and animations is stopped while the user is switched out
  • Initial settings for playback and volume can be chosen for each movie sticker individually and for all newly created ones
  • DesktopCollage can play QuickTime compatible audio files
  • DesktopCollage can be set to automatically shrink new stickers to fit the computeris screen. This comes in handy with all these megapixel digital snapshots..
  • With the new tolerance slider a whole range of similar colors can be selected which should become transparent in the image sticker the user is about to create
  • DesktopCollage now supports multiple monitors
  • Exclusively under Mac OS X 10.3, DesktopCollage can be set to ignore Expose

You can find more information about the latest DesktopCollage release at the Aksima Web site. DesktopCollage is available for US$12.95.