Aspyr Announces Call of Duty 2

Aspyr Media on Monday officially announced that it will bring Activisionis Call of Duty 2 to the Mac. Scheduled for release in May, the sequel features more realistic graphics and better AI than its predecessor, with dynamic lighting and shadows as well as computer-controlled squad members who react intelligently to ever-changing combat situations.

Call of Duty 2 features 10 missions that place players in the boots of Russian, British and American soldiers. Famous battles recreated in the game include the Battle of Stalingrad, the fighting in North Africa alongside the Desert Rats, and the scaling of the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc on D Day. The missions feature a mix of all-out action and objectives that must be achieved with stealth.

Aspyr said that the game will soon be available for preorder at US$49.99. System requirements are not available yet, and the publisher had not placed a product page on its Web site as this article was posted.

Fighting in the snow in Stalingrad

D Day