Aspyr Offers Stubbs the Zombie for Pre-Order

Aspyr Media on Friday announced that its upcoming game Stubbs the Zombie is now available for pre-order. The title is shipping in October for Xbox and in November for Mac and PC, with the former selling for US$49.99 and the latter priced at $39.99.

Development of the game was spearheaded by Bungie Studios co-founder Alex Seropian, who decided to use the Halo engine to power it. Taking a cue from many cheesy zombie horror movies, Stubbs places players in the role of the eponymous main character, a former door-to-door salesman who was murdered during the Great Depression and rises from the dead in the year 1959, determined to find out who killed him.

Stubbs wanders the city of Punchbowl, Penn., terrorizing the populace and using a variety of unique weapons against them. He can eat civiliansi brains and turn them into zombies that will follow his orders as well as turn parts of his body into weapons, such as gut grenades, toxic zombie sputum, unholy flatulence and a severed hand that can examine tight spaces and attack enemies.

Aspyr now has a product page on its Web site for Stubbs the Zombie, but it has not released system requirements yet. The companyis policy is to do so four to six weeks before the game ships.