Aspyr Patches Sim Them Park And Alpha Centauri

Aspyr has released a small beta patch (1.5.2b1) for Alpha Centauri, their port of the sci-fi empire building game by Sid Meier. The patch fixes a variety of issues, including a very annoying instance where all black pixels were converted to white. This is good news for those effected by the various annoying bugs that have been nibbling away at your fun. The beta patch can be downloaded at: MacUpdate.

Other game sites pointed out that Brad Oliver of Westlake Interactive made a post at UseNet regarding issues still cropping up that are in the works of being ironed out. Those hungry little bugs will be hunted down and crushed without prejudice, one at a time. Teach those little miserable buggers to leap into our favorite games...... Here is what Brad had to say regarding a later patch in the works:

Donit break out the bubbly yet - there are still some minor issues with that patch. Hopefully Iill have it all sorted out by the end of the week. Current problems:

  • University draws as black instead of white
  • Some button lists draw with white text instead of black
  • Credits scroll looks a little goofy
  • Arrows in base window have white highlights instead of black
  • (SMACX) Faction picker graphics have white artifacts

Iive got most of these fixed since the build I sent Aspyr yesterday, but I want to make sure Iive got everything. If you see anything in this beta patch that I didnit mention above, let me know.

Aspyr also released a patch (2.04b3) for their ever-popular port of Sim Theme Park, the game in which you are in control of a full scale theme park, from designing your own murderous roller coasters to allocation and frequency of Porta-Potties. And donit forget to hire an army of carnies to add to the flavour and ambience... Ill-shaven, tattooed and all....

The Patch addresses problems some Mac systems were having with a "Engine Failed to Initialize" error. The download is available at the Aspyris public FTP site.