Aspyr Releases Doom 3 Demo

Aspyr Media on Thursday released a free demo for Doom 3 that lets players explore the first three levels in the game. The 463MB download is available through MacGameFiles.

Doom 3 puts players in the boots of an unnamed marine sent to Mars to help investigate the reason behind a series of recent disturbances. Players soon learn that those in charge of an underground science facility have made a startling discovery, one that literally causes all Hell to break loose. With most of the facility staff dead or turned into members of an undead army, players have no choice but to blast their way to safety.

Developer id Software created a new engine for the game that pushes computer hardware to its limits, complete with real-time lighting and realistic 3D graphics. In fact, Aspyr originally said Doom 3 would require a G5 processor, but during the development process, the company was able to include certain G4 processors too.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3.8, a G4 or G5 1.5GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 2GB free hard drive space, 64MB Video RAM and a DVD drive. Aspyr recommends a 2GHz G5 processor and 128MB of Video RAM for optimal performance.

One of many creepy creatures found in Doom 3