Aspyr Releases Doom 3 Patch

As the company promised it would on Monday, Aspyr Media on Friday released a free patch for the first-person shooter Doom 3 that brings the game to version 1.3. Changes include a preview of OpenAL support for 5.1 surround sound, better support for mods, support for the anti-cheat technology PunkBuster in multiplayer games and bug fixes. You can download the 10MB file from

Some Mac gamers initially wondered what the 5.1 surround sound preview was all about -- Aspyr director of development Glenda Adams said in a post on Inside Mac Games that itis called a preview "because some sound cards still give a little pop or hiccup now and then, and it seems the OpenAL and audio drivers arenit quite as mature on the Mac yet. It works very well, there were just a few glitches that made us not want to put it in as a 100% official supported path yet."