Aspyr Ships eBay Utility iSale

Aspyr Media on Monday announced that its eBay utility iSale is now shipping and should be available on store shelves by May 20. While the company is known for its line of Mac and PC games, Aspyr recently made its first move into the utilities area with the release of Panic Inc. and The Iconfactoryis CandyBar Plus and Pixadex icon tools.

iSale integrates with iPhoto, iSight and .Macis iDisk and enables eBay users to create and manage their eBay auctions. They can use the iSight to take pictures of items and turn to iPhoto when they need to upload them, with the option to use iDisk space for hosting the images and save on eBay fees. Auctions can be prepared offline, with the ability to see how much eBay will charge for them before deciding to go live with the sales.

Users can also organize multiple auctions into smart groups, similar to the smart playlists found in iTunes. Successful auctionsi layouts can be saved for re-use.

iSale sells for US$29.99 and requires Mac OS X v10.3.