Aspyr To Bring The Sims 2 to Mac

The Sims has been one of the biggest games in gaming history, and today Aspyr Media announced it would be bringing its sequel, The Sims 2, to the Mac platform. The title is in development now.

The Sims franchise is built on the premise of allowing gamers to control their "Sim," a simulated person, in daily life. The Sims 2 will allow players to control their Sims over what Aspyr says is "an entire lifetime." Choices made through the Simsi life affect it throughout the game.

The game promises:

  • More life like Sims
  • New aspirations gameplay
  • The addition of genetics to the game
  • A new 3D world.

Screen Shot from The Sims 2

You can find more information on The Sims 2 on Aspyris Web site. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.