Aspyr to Release 4 Free Battlefield 1942 Maps, Drops Prices

Aspyr Media has announced that it will release four free maps for the Mac version of the team-based first-person shooter Battlefield 1942. The maps, which were created by a group of fans, are the same ones contained in the Match Map Pack released on the PC side in February. The company also lowered the prices for several of its games, including the Battlefield 1942 expansion pack Secret Weapons of World War II, which is now US$19.99. Visit Aspyris Web site for more information.

The new Battlefield 1942 maps, which will be distributed through MacGameFiles on Friday, cover the bridge at Remagen, which the retreating German army was unable to destroy in the spring of 1945 and which the Allies need if they want to reach the far side of the Rhein River; Faid Pass, the setting of a February 1943 battle in which American troops fought through the Tunisian mountains in their bid to drive the German Field Marshal Rommel out of Africa; the Russiansi pursuit of the German army as it pushed the enemy out of its country after the failure at Stalingrad in 1942; and Operation Forager, during which the United States attempted to secure several Pacific islands to use as bases for an attack on Japan.

Aspyr sells Battlefield 1942 in a Deluxe Edition that includes the Road to Rome expansion pack. The suggested retail price is $49.99 and system requirements call for Mac OS X v10.2.8 or higher, a G4 processor running 867MHz or faster, 256MB RAM, 1.6GB free hard drive space, a Radeon 7500 or GeForce 2 MX video card with 32MB of video RAM and a 56Kbps or faster Internet connection for online play.