Assign A Permanent Address To Your Dynamic IP

James Sentman has released a utility allowing users with a dynamic IP connection to maintain the same DNS name, regardless of when or how often your IP address changes. Dynamic DNS Client 2.0b1 is the first beta release of the program that allows users of DHCP cable modems and other changing IP connections to assign a "permanent" name to their computer. The best part of the application is that there is a Carbonized version that runs "natively" under OS X. According to Mr. Sentman:

James Sentman is happy to announce the release the first beta of the 2.0 version of the Macintosh Dynamic DNS client.

Dynamic DNS services attach a DNS name to your computer even if your IP changes every time you dial up the Internet as with a modem, or if you IP changes periodically due to DHCP changes with a DSL or cable modem. This way you or others can reach your machine without having to know the latest IP address. The client watches for changes of your IP and updates the DNS name.

This version adds support for 5 different services, a schedule for controlling your uptime, the ability to tickle the Internet connection regularly to keep your connection up, applescript hooks into events like an IP changes and Applescriptability so that you can get your current IP and control the program from a script.

This version runs as a background application so that it is no longer necessary to have a window open all the time.

Dynamic DNS Client is available for free. You can find more information at Mr. Sentmanis web site.