Associated Press: "It's Too Bad 97% Of You Will Have To Wait For iTunes Music Store"

Thereis been a lot of discussion about whether or not Apple erred by not introducing the iTunes Music Store for Windows at the same time as the Mac version. Apple unveiled the iTunes Music Store (iMS) on April 28th, the same day it released iTunes 4, which is also the software used to access the iMS, and a new line of iPods. At the time, Apple announced it would be bringing the iMS to Windows at the end of the year. An article from the Associated Press says that itis too bad for those Windows users that they will have to wait. From the AP:

Itis too bad 97 percent of you will have to wait until the end of the year to check out Appleis new iTunes Music Store. It flat out rocks!

For now, the music service from Apple Computer Inc. only works on the relatively few computers running its Macintosh operating system.

But iTunes Music Store proves again that Apple has cornered the market on style and user satisfaction.

The service offers unparalleled flexibility for legitimate music downloads and a beefy selection of musical genres.

And, best of all, no subscription fee and no limits on burning songs to CDs.

Snagging music from the Internet hasnit been this simple since the Napster days. And now I no longer feel like a scofflaw.

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