Associated Press: iLife '04 Worth Twice The Price

With all of the hoopla over the iPod mini recently, it is easy to overlook some of Appleis other equally cool offerings that were announced during MacWorld in San Francisco this past January (like iLife i04). Those of you whoive bought iLife i04 already know about the many improvements in iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD, and have gotten a chance to try your hand at hit creation with Garage Band, Appleis new music-making software.

For those of you still pondering whether spending US$50 on iLife i04 would be money well spent, there are lots of reviews of the software suite available around the Web. One of the latest is authored by Associated Press reporter Mathew Fordahl, who says, "For me, the suite would be a bargain even at twice the price."

Hereis more of the article, appearing in the Oakland Tribune, titled Apple energizes digital lifestyle:

A lot of high-tech companies strive to be the hub of a digital lifestyle, but unless theyire pushing an expensive Media Center PC they mostly leave it to consumers to figure out how to make their products work with others.

Macintosh computer owners donit face that headache.

Apple Computer updated iLife i04 suite of five programs lets you organize photos, play and buy songs, edit movies, burn DVDs and, now, create music. The programs all work well together and the suite costs just $49, unless youire buying a new Mac. Then itis free.

The article continues to detail many features of the individual applications in iLife i04, as well as compare them to their Windows counterparts. You can read the full account in the Oakland Tribune.