Attention AppleScripters: Utility Released To Manage Multiple Scripts

Lithe Integration has announced the release of Script Console. This AppleScript utility helps you manage multiple scripts from a single console window. According to Lithe Integration:

Lithe Integration announces the immediate availability of Script Console!

Script Console is a very handy application that consolidates multiple AppleScripts into a singe file (a console). Each script in a console can be independently edited, compiled and run, and Script Console will save the results and the date and run time for each script. You can think of Script Console as a web browser and each script in the console as a different "page". Or, think of Script Console as an enhanced Terminal application with AppleScript as the command language.

Some ways you could use Script Console:

  • store a set of related calculations in a single file.
  • store a set of related file movements and conversions in a single file.
  • start a new console at the beginning of every day and use it for all those "small tasks" that you wouldnit normally save as stand-alone scripts. At the end of the day, save the console and you have a record of all the ways you used Applescript, how it was done, and what the result was.
  • Filemaker developers can build a simple console for all the scripts that return information about the current file (e.g. a list of field names, layout names, etc.).
  • The various versions of an evolving script can be collected in one place where you can follow the evolution of the script syntax and results.
  • Consolidate all those little loose scripts you have lying around your hard drive, into nicely organized consoles.
  • Script Console is a great tool for learning AppleScript as you can keep testing new iterations of similar syntax and checking the results without having to constantly create and save new documents or sacrifice old code.

Anything you can do in AppleScript, you can organize with Script Console!

You can find more information on Script Console at Lithe Integrationis Web site. The product is shareware with a US$15 price tag.