Auction Tool Praeco Now Shipping

Desideratum is now shipping Praeco 1.0. Praeco is an auction tool designed for both the buyers and sellers of eBay auctions. The app features automated bid placement as well as new auction searching that adds results to a categorized auction database. According to Desideratum:

Desideratum has released the first version of Praeco, a new tool for both buyers and sellers of eBay online auctions. Praeco assists users by maintaining a categorized database of auctions the user wishes to monitor, searching eBay for new auctions, and placing automated bids for the user at specified times.

Praeco 1.0 Features:

  • Categorized Database - Organize auction information into folders
  • Customizable View Options - You choose what fields to view
  • Updating Options - Easily update selected auctions, an entire list, or all auctions in the database
  • Built-In Search - eBay auctions by title or user ID, and effortlessly add selected results to the database
  • Bidding Engine - Schedule bids to be placed automatically at specified times
  • All-In-One Interface - Item management, searching, and bidding, all from a single window
  • Global eBay - When launching an item in your browser, you choose what global eBay site to use
  • Cross-Platform - Mac OS, Mac OS X, and Windows compatible. You asked, we delivered

You can find more information about the Praeco release at the Desideratum Web site. Praeco 1.0 is available for US$29.95.