AudioTools Pro 4.2 Features OS X Support

rootsolutions has released an update for AudioTools Pro, bringing it to version 4.2. AudioTools Pro is a calculation utility designed for music production environments. The update features several enhancements including OS X support and network operation. According to rootsolutions:

rootsolutions announces AudioTools Pro 4.2

AudioTools Pro is a set of production calculators and utilities that are frequently needed in music production. Its features include setup help with effect processors, complex calculations for loop and tempo matching, a host of utilities, and a reference section.

Version 4.2:

  • Mac OS X native version
  • network operation
  • new screen with tips on mic placement, eq settings, and use of fx
  • new ilength/tempo change from sample rate changei calculator
  • song durations calculator can now also subtract durations
  • ifit looptempo to songtempoi calculation bug fixed
  • new built-in support form
  • online help supports user annotations
  • several smaller fixes and enhancements

You can find more information about the AudioTools Pro update at the rootsolutions Web site. AudioTools Pro is available for US$15.00.