Audio Effects Plug-in Updated

The Sound Guy has announced a new version of his Premiere-based audio effects plug-in, SFX Machine. SFX Machine allows users to easily create original and complex sound effects, and the latest version is optimized for Appleis G4 processors. According to The Sound Guy:

The Sound Guy today announced a new release of the highly acclaimed SFX Machine. SFX Machine, a Premiere-format audio effects plug-in for the Macintosh, has won Electronic Musicianis Editoris Choice Award, a Key Buy award from Keyboard Magazine, and accolades from dozens of leading sound designers and composers. The new version is available direct from The Sound Guy at a fraction of the original price.

SFX Machine has long been regarded as one of the most powerful, easy-to-use sound mangling appliances available for the Mac, and the new upgrade features a number of improvements. First, The Sound Guy has eliminated the key-disk and challenge/response copy protection. More importantly, SFX Machine 1.50 sounds better than ever before. Instead of using 4-byte floats for computations and delay lines, the new version uses 8-byte doubles. The result: less noise, more transparency. In addition, SFX Machine 1.50 is now optimized for G4s.

SFX Machine requires a Power Macintosh and a Premiere-format host program. It works with Peak, Peak LE, Deck, Vision, Premiere, Digital Performer, Logic Audio, Metro, and TurboMorph.

SFX Machine 1.50 is available for US$75. You can find more information at the SFX Machine Web site.