August 4th, 2000

There are lots of great articles, and some really bad ones, on the Internet. Though we link to all of them at MacOS News Around The Web, some of them deserve special mention here. Most of what we will mention within these pages will be among the best, but on occasion we will talk about articles that are so bad or so wrong we just have to say something. Consider them mini-editorials on our part about things we think you might also be interested in.

Best [3:30 PM] Mac Digital Audio: MP3 Realist - The Power of (e)Music
With all of this talk lately, depending on your point of view, of how Napster is the computerized reincarnation of the Devil, or they stand for what is right and good with the Internet, nobody seems to be offering any viable alternatives. This article takes a look at one such alternative that sounds pretty good to me. When is the last time you got a CD for US$9? Our favorite quote from the article:

One of the points brought up with this entire Napster lawsuit is the cost of CDs and how little of that goes to the artists. People also say they would be willing to pay for mp3 downloads at a dollar per track or other reasonable amount. Itis time to call the people on this and see if they follow through and do what they say theyill do.

A system or site like this, with a nearly unlimted list of musical artists to choose from, would certainly be successful. Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

Best [3:30 PM] Arizona Central: The Well-Healed Mac - Tips on buying a used Mac
Now, with an iMac now available for US$799, why would somebody consider getting a used Mac? Lots of reason: expansion, legacy peripherals, a dyed-in-wool disdain for that new Indigo color. But, there is another reason. As broadband, always-on Internet connections become commonplace, more and more users are aiming to run their own server. For the typical "home" user that wants to put up a web site with some pictures of the family outing, or an iMovie of little Sarahis musical, a 603e Mac is more than adequate. If you are looking for a second Mac, or an e-mail machine for Mom and Dad, this article is a great place to start. Our favorite quote from the article:

At times you can find a good buy on a used computer at the Arizona Macintosh Users Group Consignment Store, but the pickings there are often slim. Youill find lots of the very computers people are trying to upgrade from, not to.

A very informative piece. Reviewer - Kyle DiAddario

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