Aurora Offers Users Chance At Free Video Capture Card

Aurora Video Systems is offering up five free copies of their high-powered video capture cards during their Firepower Giveaway. Both the Igniter and the Fuse Video Capture Cards offer superb power and performance in an easy to use package. According to Aurora:

Aurora Video Systems announces the Aurora Firepower Giveaway. Just for visiting and checking out how Aurorais family of fast, affordable video capture cards, you can sign up to win one of three Fuse Video Capture Cards (a $500 value) or one of two Igniter Video Capture Cards (a $1,500 value).

Aurora will be announcing the promotion this Sunday, November 5 at RES Fest Digital Film Festival Los Angeles, where Aurora will demo the Igniter Card at the Directoris Guild screenings.

Aurorais Igniter video capture card makes the hottest high-end video processing options available at a price that toasts the competition. Designed exclusively for Mac applications, this card has a 13.3 MB per second data rate, is fully QuickTime? MJPEG-A compatible, has unsurpassed image quality at 1.5 :1 compression rates, and offers upgrades such as Component I/O, SDI I/O and Uncompressed Video as well as 24 FPS capture and playback.

Aurora Fuse is a state of the art PCI based capture card. With this card and a G3 or G4 based PowerMac you will achieve capture rates never attained by a product in this price category - up to 9MB per second with 2:1 compression.

You can find more information about the contest and video products at the Aurora Video Systems web site.