Aussie Business Dumps Windows For Apple Because It Was Cheaper

One of the myths many Mac users encounter every day is the idea that Macs are more expensive than PCs. Today we have a story from Aussie magazine Australian IT that offers a bit of first-hand proof that this is a myth. The magazine has published an article about an Aussie business that dumped its Windows based server in favor of an Xserve running Jaguar Server solely because it was cheaper than comparable Windows systems -- half the price, in fact. A big part of that decision, it would seem, was due to Microsoftis current licensing schemes that seek to lock customers into a two-year software rental agreement. From Australian IT:

DISLIKE of Microsoftis new licensing regime and a major cost difference has led Australian resources company Ausmelt to leave its comfort zone and cross over to Apple. The Victorian company urgently needed to update its nearly decade-old HP ProLiant server, running a 133 processor, before it fell over.

What began as a routine exercise of collecting quotes for new servers evolved into a decision to move from a Wintel system to an Apple Xserve environment. Ausmelt technical development manager Robert Matusewicz says cost was the main factor that led him to consider alternatives to a straight upgrade.

"When Microsoft changed to Licensing 6 we didnit like how prescriptive it was, going to a two-year upgrade cycle and recommendations to buy Software Assurance, so you pay to get these things with no guarantee theyid ever release any," he says.


"[With the Apple system,] you can just put on the users and it is not an issue." Cost was another factor in Appleis favour. "Surprisingly, it came out at about half the price of a Windows server and these days you just canit ignore that," he says

Thereis more in the full story, which we recommend as a very good read. Note that the prices given in the article are in AUS dollars.