Austin American Statesman: Apple's iSight Produces Superior Images

Craig Crossman of Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service has no lack of good things to say about the iSight, Appleis new video camera. In an article published on the Austin American-Statesmanis Web site,, he gushes "Apple Computer Inc. must know their iSight is 20-20 because the new, way-cool little Web camera offers just about everything a user wants to see in a webcam. "

Crossman goes on to laud the product for its industrial design that provides pleasing form as well as function. From the article:

For starters, the iSight is easy on the eyes. Known for their productis clean lines and almost Zen-like simplicity, Appleis iSight is a small, silver cylinder that sports tiny air holes on most of its surface.

It comes with three different mounts that let you attach it to any of Appleis monitors, or it can be clipped onto any of Appleis portables. Whatever mount you select, the iSight is able to tilt and swivel, making its positioning and adjustment simple.

The aspect that seemed to most impress Crossman was the image quality in comparison to other webcams.

...the quality of the image was superior to other webcam images I have seen.

That is probably because of the iSightis two aspherical elements, F/2.8 wide aperture and 24-bit color depth. Plus, the iSightis lens automatically focuses from 2 inches to infinity for the sharpest picture possible.

iSight also includes an on-board processor that automatically adjusts white balance, sharpness, color, focus and exposure, and filters out noise so that the transmitted picture is bright and focused and color is true in most lighting.

Outside of a slight time lag in the on-screen image display, the author failed to notice or point out any negative aspects in either the camera or iChat AV.