Austin Business Journal: Apple Looking To Expand Local Office Space

The Austin Business Journal is reporting that Apple is looking for new office space in Austin. Apple maintains a support center in Austin, houses much of its educational sales team there, as well as other aspects of its business. According to the newspaper, Apple currently has some 241,000 square feet spread out over three facilities in the city, and is looking for an even quarter million square feet as a replacement. From the Austin Business Journal:

Sources say leases for the computer makeris offices in North Austin and Northeast Austin will expire in about a year, so the companyis Dallas brokers at Swearingen Realty Group LLC are looking for 250,000 square feet as a replacement.


Apple leases the 52,000-square-foot Promontory Point H-1 at 2323 Ridgepoint Drive; Promontory Point H-2 at 2401 Ridgepoint Drive for another 54,975 square feet; and about 95,000 square feet of office-finish flex space for customer support and sales in two buildings at 2420 Ridgepoint Drive in Promontory Point.

In addition, Apple leases 39,000 square feet in Building B of Braker Center III at 11701 Stonehollow Drive. The company renewed that lease a year ago.

Those spaces collectively amount to 241,000 square feet, so the current search for 250,000 square feet simply might be to consolidate the companyis existing Austin offices. If the potential move excludes a business unit in an existing space, then the search might suggest an expansion by the groups that do renew their leases or move.

Thereis more information in the full article at the Austin Business Journal, including some comments from local real-estate people who say it has been years since a business in Austin has looked for so much space.