Australian IT: Windows Desktop Stranglehold Slipping

David Frith has penned an editorial for Australian IT that rounds up all the recent trends away from Windows and towards the Mac. From those trends, he concludes that Windows security issues and the strength of Appleis iPod has put a chink in the armor of the Windows dominance of the computing world. From the article:

THERE are a few straws blowing in an increasingly strong wind for Apple Computer.

Straw 1: When the White Houseis former top cyber-security and anti-terrorism expert, Richard Clarke, visited Australia and new Zealand recently, he carried an Apple Macintosh, not a Windows machine.

Clarke, who served under four presidents but is no friend of the Bush administration, says he chooses a Mac because it protects his data from more than 99 per cent of all known viruses, worms, network attacks and spyware -- issues that plague the Windows operating system daily.

Straw 2: Daryl Forrest is a US-based developer of software for Microsoft Windows. Hereis what he recently told USA Today newspaper: "I have moved all non-work-related computing to a new Apple Power Mac G5. I like Windows XP, but the risks are too high these days. Itis sad that it has come to this."

You can find the full article at Australian ITis Web site. He also has a segment for his "Macintosh Hero of the Month."