Australian Mac Reseller Pushes Into Enterprise

Leading Australian Apple reseller, Next Byte, is making the push into the enterprise market. The new arm of the company, NextByte Enterprise Technology, aims to provide solutions at the enterprise and corporate level, and according to an article at iTnews Australia, itis a great opportunity to get Macs in the corporate workplace.

"We aim to push more into the enterprise space," Steinhardt said. "We are now evaluating which suppliers we will align ourselves with...We see top opportunities to lead with Macs...with an Apple solution for the enterprise."

[...] Asked whether Apple desktops were ever likely to seriously challenge the PC in the business and corporate space, Steinhardt said that anything was possible. "Mac is a fantastic smaller business computer -- cheap to run, easy to get up, and most people run them for over three or four years rather than [getting new ones] every 18 months," he said. "Thatis whatis really exciting about this business--things can and do change."

Next Byte Enterprise Technology is expected to announce agreements with platform-independent vendors within the next few months. You can find out more about these developments from iTnews Australia, or find out more about Next Byte at their Web site.