Australian Reviews Magazine Says "Apple Set To Go Intel"

The two biggest International Sports when it comes to Apple are declaring the company to be dead or dying, and announcing that Apple will be Moving to Intel, Soon™. Observer Sean O. sent us a heads up on a new player in the latter sport, an Australian reviews magazine called Smarthouse Magazine. From Smarthouseis self-description:

Smarthouse Magazine and Smarthouse Web site are the premier Australian and New Zealand information source for lifestyle consumer technologies such as Home Theatre, Home Automation, Cutting Edge Appliances and Consumer Computing.

Smarthouseis cover story on its home today is the news that "Apple [is] Set to Go Intel." Thatis right, after announcing the big shift to the new 64-bit PowerPC G5, and asking its developers to kindly retool their apps accordingly, Smarthouse says that Apple will be unveiling new Intel made Itanium-based Macs this January, at Macworld San Francisco. From the magazineis article:

The first system is expected to shown at Macworld San Francisco in January 2004 according to an Apple US source. The initial plan will involve Apple offering both existing RISC processor systems and an Intel based system with the RISC processor from IBM system being phased out as new software is developed. An original idea to release a duel platform MAC has been scrapped according to Apple insiders in San Francisco.

Thereis more in the full article at Smarthouseis Web site. Appleis policy is to not comment on future products, especially rumors of this nature.