Auto-Click Tab Sets in Safari

If you have a group of Web sites you like to visit, Safari gives you an easy way to open them as a group of tabs or windows with a single mouse-click. Itis called Auto-Click.

Hereis how to create an Auto-Click set:

  • Launch Safari. If it isnit in your Dock, go to Applications/Safari.
  • Click the Bookmarks button in the Bookmarks bar.
  • Select Bookmarks Bar, and then create a set of bookmarks. I named mine "click me!"
  • Check the Auto-Click box.

Select Bookmarks, and then use Auto-Check to make a one-click bookmark set.

Your bookmark set appears in the Bookmarks bar. The small block to the right of your setis name is a visual cue to let you know it is an Auto-Click set. When you click the set name, each site will automatically open.

Click your Auto-Click set...

My "click me!" set includes six sites, so six tabs open for me - and in the order I entered them when I created my set. Your tab or window order corresponds to the order of the bookmarks in your set. Reordering the bookmarks will change the tab or window order, too. open all of its bookmarks together.

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