AutoTagX Updated With Maintenance Release

AutoTagX, a piece of software that manages MP3 files and ID3 tags, has been updated to version 2.65. The new version brings bug fixes and new features, such as moving from an installer to a simple drag and drop install. From Mark Malson:

AutoTagX(tm) automatically tags and organizes your MP3 files with the simplicity of drag-and-drop and the power of internet music databases. AutoTagX(tm) is what tagging on the Mac should be like.

Version 2.65 fixes some bugs and adds some new features:

  • Fixed a problem where the app would hang before searching the FreeDB.
  • Added alternate formats for naming the Album, Track, and Title tag for albums, compilations, and single files.
  • Added an editable list of characters to omit from file and folder names.
  • Removed the lame installer. Now it features drag-and-drop installation.
  • Included an obligatory uninstaller for older versions that canit just be trashed.
  • More.

Continues to feature:

  • Searches comprehensive public CD database to get track names and album information for your MP3 files
  • Unified user interface lets you tag all tracks from one disc at once
  • Multi-disc feature lets you tag boxed sets all at once
  • Compilation feature lets you tag "Various Artists" discs more to your liking
  • Single-file feature lets you tag individual MP3 files
  • Smart links to let you instantly access information about the artist, album, or track
  • Flexible naming of track files and album folders
  • AutoTagTools, a Contextual Menu plugin that lets you launch AutoTagX simply by control-clicking on MP3 files or MP3 album folders.

AutoTagX 2.65 is available now from Mark Malsonis Web site. The update is free for registered users. New users can download a trial version of the software, or purchase it for US$12.95.