Automate File Downloads With FileGrabber

GeekLounge has announced the release of a new piece of shareware called FileGrabber. FileGrabber is designed to automate the download of sequentially numbered files. From GeekLounge:

The new shareware (100 free trials) FileGrabber application automates the downloading of sequentially numbered files. Perfect for anything from MP3s to graphics to personal photos, FileGrabber allows Mac users to download hundreds of files easily.

FileGrabber also allows the user to create a folder containing all files, or to simply display them in a custom HTML window, with or without downloading the actual files. Files can be downloaded from FTP or an HTTP web server (even those with passwords), providing the user with faster display (from the local hard drive, rather than from the server). It will also intelligently stop if the numbering sequence falls out of a user-defineable numbering range. There are also basic checks to warn of an illegal URL formatting, number sequencing or missing numeric characters in the sequencing.

By entering a base URL and then the numbering scheme beginning and end as well as an suffix (such as .gif or .jpg), users are ready to begin downloading files. All controls are available via a single window that also provides a "preview" of the URL to ensure that the sequence is entered correctly. Extensive Apple Balloon Help is provided.

System requirements Mac OS 8.6 or later as well as URL Access Scripting properly installed in the Scripting Additions folder.

You can find more information and download links at GeekLoungeis Web site. FileGrabber is priced at US$8, and is shareware.