BASh Professional 1.8.5 Gets Full Source Licensing

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. has released an update for BASh Professional, bringing it to version 1.8.5. BASh Professional is a 4D utility service designed for developers needing the source code for BASh 4D. The 1.8.5 adds full source licensing options. According to Deep Sky Technologies:

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of BASh Professional v1.8.5 for Macintosh and Windows.

BASh is a 4th Dimension component which provides extensive utility functionality for 4D programmers, including a dynamic stack space module for reusing variable space, encoding and cryptography routines, and much, much more.

BASh Professional is the source code version of the internationally popular BASh 4D component. By licensing BASh Pro, the actual source code for the BASh component is made available to the licensee/developer.

BASh Professional is geared towards companies that want to leverage their access to source for all of their systems. It provides the ultimate in protection for using 4th Dimension components available from Deep Sky Tech., Inc. By licensing BASh Pro, a company has full access to the source code used for every release of the BASh component.

You can find more information about BASh Professional at the Deep Sky Technology Web site. BASh Professional 1.8.5 licensing information is available by contacting the 4D sales team.