BBC Editorial Looks at Mac Community

In an editorial for the BBC published Thursday, Stephen Evans examined the culture of Mac owners and Apple fans. Dredging up the controversial "cult" word, the article compared the Manhattan Apple Store to a church, Macworld keynotes to church event, and even considered the idea that Mac users were comparable to Catholics, while Windows users are more reminiscent of Protestants. Mr. Evans resisted the urge to use these themes in a negative manner, however, and instead offered an interesting look at what most of those reading this take for granted, the Mac community.

"Now, thereis no doubt Apple products are very good and itis not just a triumph of style, though style is clearly important, but, it seems to me, at least, that [Macworld] gatherings do exude smugness, " wrote Mr. Evans. "But there is a global sociological phenomenon going on - to do perhaps with a minority who believe they have seen a truth. I suppose there may also be a type of person who delights in going against the herd."

Like New York Mets fans who relish being in the minority, Mr. Evans think that at least some Mac users simply want to not follow what everyone else is doing. This, he indirectly suggests, is a big part of why Mac users feel that sense of community.

In the full article, he takes his musings on all of the above ideas further.