BBC News Test Durability Of Latest Digital Media

So, youire contemplating making the jump to digital photography, but one thing still bothers you: How safe are the photos being stored on the little memory card inside those digital cameras? According to a recent article from the BBC, your precious digital moments are safe and secure on many memory cards available today, even if your camera meets an untimely demise.

The author of the article ran several tests to see which of the common digital media formats, Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), Smart Media (SM), Sonyis Memory Stick, and the new xD media, would survive mishaps common in everyday use. From the article:

We knew modern memory cards were durable, but had no idea they would be quite so tough. Even some of the thinner cards that appear to be fragile fared well in the trial.

They were dipped into cola, put through a washing machine, dunked in coffee, trampled by a skateboard, run over by a childis toy car and given to a six-year-old boy to destroy.

Perhaps surprisingly, all the cards survived these six tests.

There is more information, including the tests they didnit survive, in the full article at BBC News.