BBEdit Lite Updated

Bare Bones Software has updated their popular text editor, BBEdit Lite, to version 6.1.1. BBEdit Lite is a powerful text editor that allows users to easily "clean" text of unwanted formatting and characters, and also provides an ideal tool for hand coding HTML. According to Bare Bones Software:

Bare Bones Software today announced the immediate availability of version 6.1.1 of BBEdit Lite(tm), the premier free text editor for the Mac OS. This update provides minor refinements and fixes for reported issues.

BBEdit Lite is a free text editor for the Macintosh based on the award-winning BBEdit. Unlike a word processor, which is designed for preparing printed pages, a text editor focuses on providing means of producing and changing content. Thus, BBEdit Lite doesnit offer fancy formatting capabilities, headers and footers, graphics tools, a thesaurus, and other staples of modern feature-laden "office" software. Instead, it focuses on helping you manipulate text in ways that word processors generally canit.

Some of the powerful features you can use in BBEdit Lite include regular expression-based ("grep") search and replace, multi-file search, and sophisticated text transformations. Whether you need to find (or change!) all the occurrences of some text in a set of files, modify or reformat text files of any size or kind, or just write without any distractions, BBEdit Lite is the right tool for the job.

BBEdit Lite is available for free. You can find more information at the Bare Bones Software Web site.