BDControl Now Shipping

bDistributed is now shipping BDControl Framework 1.0.0. BDControl is an open sourced utility designed for software development. The app ships using Appleis Cocoa framework, and allows developers the ability to increase flexibility within applications. According to BDControl: today shipped the BDControl Framework version 1.0.0, an Open Source framework that lets Mac OS X developers using Appleis Cocoa framework create flexible and robust applications even faster.

Unlike most applications, which have hard-coded searching, sorting, and querying functions, applications that use the BDControl Framework need not place arbitrary limits on their users. This means developers can deliver higher-quality software to their users faster, while simultaneously increasing the power and flexibility of their applications.

You can find more information about the BDControl Framework release at the bDistributed Web site. BDControl Framework is available as a free download.