BIAS Announces Signal Processing Application For The Mac

Berkley Integrated Audio Software (BIAS) has announced the release of Vbox, a digital signal processing application. Vbox is designed to allow users to control VST Plug-In effects from within a single environment, and performs a number of tasks in real-time. According to BIAS:

Berkley Integrated Audio Software, Inc. (BIAS) announced today that their brand-new digital signal processing application for the Macintosh, BIAS Vbox, is now shipping. Vbox is a powerful multi-effects control environment for VST Plug-In effects. A virtual effects box, Vbox can combine, repatch, and mix in real-time any of the hundreds of VST plug-ins on the market. And Vbox offers a host of additional features making it the environment of choice for most any professional audio project, including creative sound effects design, mastering, DJiing, live performance, audio post-production, and radio production.

Millions of New Sonic Combinations
In keeping with BIASi tradition of creating powerful native-capable audio applications, Vbox takes full advantage of the processing power of your Power Macintosh, and requires no additional hardware. As a result, Vbox can create virtually millions of sonic combinations in real-time, while your audio keeps playing. Using a unique effects matrix, Vbox lets you combine and edit multiple individual plug-ins per channel, with more control, ease and flexibility than anything else on the market. You can patch plug-ins in series, in parallel, or in series/parallel. You can also hot-swap plug-ins. Vbox offers instant muting, soloing, and editing of parameters, as well as a master wet/dry balance, plus bypass and A/B compare. Each plug-inis individual input/output levels can be adjusted without ever leaving the Vbox control window, and stereo metering is accurate at every stage. Vbox also enables you to create, store and manage an infinite number of programmed effects. Finally, Vbox ships with more than 25 free VST plug-ins to get you started - including WAVES AudioTrack EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Expander and Gate effects.

Integrated, Stand-Alone, and Even Live
Vbox functions as an integrated solution within any VST-compatible host application, including BIAS Peak, BIAS Deck, Steinberg Cubase, Emagic Logic, and others. As an added bonus, BIAS Peak VST includes Vbox SE, a special Peak-integrated edition of Vbox that does not operate in stand-alone mode. As a stand-alone signal processor, Vbox allows real time audio streaming using Apple Sound Manager or any ASIO hardware device, Vbox is also compatible with both mono and stereo AIFF and SDII audio files. And Vbox can even function as a live signal processor, by processing audio CDs, mixer and other audio feeds - making it a killer live performance application.

You can find more information on Vbox at BIASis Web site. The product is priced at US$129 and is available now.