BKMS Releases New iMovie Plug-In Organizer Utility

BKMS has released a new app for Mac users, PluginPal. PluginPal is utility designed for organizing a users iMovie effect plug-ins. The app features activation lists and the ability to save specific plug-in settings. According to BKMS:

BKMS today announced the release of PluginPal, the only utility of its kind for organizing iMovie plug-ins. With PluginPal, iMovieis plug-in list shows only those effects, titles, or transitions that you actually want to use on your current project.

With PluginPal, you can create customized plug-in settings for specific projects, and then move easily from one setting to another.

PluginPal gives you a list of your installed titles, transitions, and effects, and lets you turn them on and off. You can save a setting of specific plug-ins that youive selected, and recall settings from a popup menu. You can override a setting, save a setting under a new name, or delete settings you no longer use.

You can find more information about the PluginPal release at the BKMS Web site. PluginPal is available for US$19.95.