Backup Utility Maintenance Update Released

Pocket Software has released an update for PocketBackup, bringing it to version 1.02. PocketBackup is a personal backup utility designed for critical file storage. The maintenance update features expanded language support and bug fixes. According to Pocket Software:

PocketBackup 1.02 has been released and is available for download.

PocketBackup is an easy to use, reliable, and affordable personal backup system.

PocketBackup 1.02 is a maintenance release that adds French and German language support and fixes bugs. Specifically:

  • French language support added. Thanks to Philippe Martin for his efforts on the French localization.
  • German language support added. Thanks to Lucas K. Mathis for his efforts on the German localization
  • The PocketCron time server has been updated
  • Bug fixes

You can find more information about the PocketBackup update at the Pocket Software Web site. The PocketBackup update is free for registered users while the full version is available for US$20.00.