Backup Utility Updated From Bombich Soft

Bombich Software has released a new version of Carbon Copy Cloner, bringing it to version 2.0. Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup/cloning utility designed for the secure duplication of files. The latest version features several enhancements including NetBoot image creation and source target synchronization. According to Bombich Software:

Bombich Software is pleased to announce the release of Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) version 2.0.

Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup/cloning utility for Mac OS X.

This version adds many new exciting features such as synchronization, scheduled tasks, creating disk images on the fly, and creating NetBoot image sets from fully customized installations of Mac OS X. CCC is the most cost-effective, easy-to-use backup solution available for Mac OS X.

Full list of new features:

  • Preferences are persistent and can be set in a separate window
  • Can create a disk image of the appropriate size prior to cloning
  • Can create a NetBoot image set
  • Can use Disk Utility to repair the source or target drive or repair permissions on the source drive prior to cloning
  • Can now synchronize the source to the target
  • Improved logging
  • Can specify what items are to be automatically ignored in the list of items to be copied
  • Can specify what cache files should be removed when CCC is finished
  • Can run user-specified pre- or post-flight shell scripts
  • Included a menu item to bless disks on OldWorld machines
  • Checks that the required Darwin commands are installed prior to use
  • Can schedule backups or synchronizations
  • Fixed problem with blank admin passwords

You can find more information about the latest Carbon Copy Cloner version at the Bombich Software Web site. Carbon Copy Cloner is available as donationware.