Backups, And Other Stuff, Made Easier

SoftoBe has updated their handy backup utility, FolderSynchronizer, to version 2.0. FolderSynchronizer allows users to easily match the contents across two folders with one simple click, allowing easy backup, or people to keep information on multiple machines consistent. According to SoftoBe:

Itis a nifty utility for Macintosh which synchronizes and backups folders and disks. The user can choose two or more folders/disks and then they will be synchronized/backed-up exactly. The old files will be replaced with the newest files in both directions. The new files (new entries) will be copied in both directions, as well as new Folders. The old Folders will not replaced entirely by the newer ones, as the Finder used to do, but their content will be updated with the newest files, the new files (new entries) and new Folders (new entries). So it is faster.

Whatis new in the 2.0:

  • x2 faster than 1.X versions.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Background running mode.
  • Resolves aliases.
  • Up to 8 lists for each area available by pop-up menu.
  • 4MB of free RAM only.
  • Never need to increase the application memory. Never.
  • Saves and Opens "Configuration Files" and configure all the FS options.
  • Drag the Configuration Files on the console and configure all the FS options.
  • Fully Mac Appearances.
  • Copies the custom icons.
  • Copies all the finder file/folder attributes.
  • Allows to choose different disks with same names.
  • Allows to backup from CDs.
  • Balloon Help.
  • PDF Useris Manual.

FolderSynchronizer is available for US$20. You can find more information at the SoftoBe Web site.