Baldur's Gate Multiplayer Patch: Beta 2

GraphSim announced today (thanks to MacBalduris) that their extremely late, but highly anticipated, multiplayer patch for Balduris Gate has reached Beta 2. Balduris Gate is an RPG based on the AD&D rules, and the version currently available for the Mac does not include multiplayer capabilities. Developed by Bioware in Canada, he game was ported and released for the Mac last fall by GraphSim. GraphSim had promised a multiplayer patch shortly after the initial release, and we will soon, at last, be seeing the fruits of that labor. This latest beta is not open to the public, but is closed to a limited group of gamers. Still no set date for the final release, but it will be soon (we hope). For more details run on by MacBalduris, or skip over to the Official Mac Balduris Gate Web site.