Ballmer: 'There Really is a Sony That Lives Inside of Us'

Speaking at Microsoftis annual financial analyst meeting, company CEO Steve Ballmer on Thursday said: "There really is a Sony that lives inside of us. Thereis an aspiring Google or Yahoo that lives inside of us." He also described the companyis push into multiple markets a "multi-core" approach that is vital to its continued success.

According to an IDG News article, Mr. Ballmer pointed to the Xbox as an example of the multi-core strategy. "Itis always best in our business to be first," he explained. "We want to be first. But are you prepared to get in and innovate and try to get growth in areas where youire not first in the market? As investors, you have to understand that we think thatis important."

Addressing recent delays in the release of Windows Vista, which is part of Microsoftis lifeblood, the CEO commented: "We will never [again] have a five-year gap between the releases of major products."