Baltimore Sun: It's Not Easy Being a Techie

You work all day at your high-tech job fiddling with computers, trying to wrangle them into submission, bending them to your will so that some productive work can be accomplished. At 5PM (if youire lucky enough to get off on time) you head home. What do you do there? You wrangle with computers.

You are not alone. The Baltimore Sunis Scott Dierdorf feels your pain and has posted an entertainingly accurate view of the wants and needs of the modern itechnophilei. Hereis a peek at the article, Digital drugery:

I know who you are.

You have a computer, maybe two. You have an iPod, or you lust after one. You donit just have broadband - you need it. You know the difference between WiFi and FireWire. You have a digital camera and a photo printer, and you use them. You know how much hard drive space you have left.

Youire a technophile.

Computer companies need your money, advertisers need your eyeballs and neighbors need your help setting up their AOL account. Youire uniquely positioned to understand and use the technologies that are coming to dominate our culture, and Iid like to ask you a question: is it worth it?

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